Niceville Track & Field Facilities


    Our weight room consists of 12 fully-loaded racks. Each rack is equipped with two Olympic Bars, 1 Bench, 1 Pull-Up Bar, adjustable Squat Rack, 4 sets of Kettle Bells, 4 levels of Resistance Bands, full sets of Iron and Rubber Plates, 1 Medicine Ball. We display our customized work-outs from 2 LCD Overhead Projectors accompanied with overhead speakers to encompass an atmosphere that promotes intense functional Olympic weight training.

Pole Vault Pit

We have a collegiate size Pole Vault Pit with standards and crossbars optimal for meet conditions. This soft landing mat sits at the end of a raised portable rubber runway stretching over 100’.


Just outside our weight room doors is a 30’ x 60’ AstroTurf training surface. This area is used for plyometric training, track specific drill-work and is also utilized as a “super-set” venue to some of our base Olympic lifts.

Rubber Surface

In 2017 Niceville High School became the first school in Okaloosa County history to install a rubber track surface. With major community support, Niceville Track & Field raised more than $125,000 during the summer/fall of 2016 to install this much needed safe surface. The Installation of a Black Latex 1/2” Synthetic Surface was completed over our six lane facility, as well as our jumps facility (High Jump, Long/Triple Jump, and Pole Vault). This historic event was covered by local media outlets, and demonstrated how serious the Niceville community is about protecting their athletes.

Throwing Rings

The original Throws facility was upgraded in 2015, in addition we added two rings in 2021 totaling our throws facility to 2 shot put and 2 discus rings equipped with two discus cages. In the fall of 2019, the throwers gained a brand new equipment shed that holds 20+ discs, 10+ shots and 10 rubber tip javelins among a variety of other training tools and equipment.

Jump Pits

The long and triple jump pit has two runways, which are located on the south side of the track facility near pole vault. Each runway is rubberized with a latex system to endorse a comfortable surface for the athletes. The two runways are accompanied by 2 long jump boards (6’ for females, and 12’ for males) and 4 triple jump boards with the respective units of 38’, 32’, 26’, ending with a 20’. The pit is filled with the finest sand to ensure smooth soft landings.


Niceville High School is a “complete” program scoring in every facet of this respective sport. We are fully stocked to equip all of our athletes with the most modern technological gear on the market. Niceville Track & Field has in excess of: 30 Pole Vault poles, 1 collegiate size Pole Vault Pit with standards/crossbar(s) and weather cover, 1 regulation High Jump Pit with standards/crossbar(s) and weather cover, 15 Shot, 20 Disc, 10 Javelin, 80 Hurdles, 16 Starting Blocks, 6 Plyo Boxes, 1 Ramp, a fully equipped Olympic Weight Room with 12 racks.